Professional and Business Ethics Policy
It is Tissa's policy that it’s professional services and related business activities be founded on good faith and ethical conduct. These standards have been and will continue being the basis for Tissa’s continued services and relationship with its clients in Canada and abroad.
Tissa is reflected in the ideals and conduct of its personnel and in the business and professional relationships fostered by its employees, officers and authorized representatives. This code serves as the guide to Tissa's policy, which is to maintain the highest level of professional and business conduct, build on our reputation and secure continued benefit and prosperity for both Tissa and our clientele. There is no magic or mystery to good faith or ethical conduct. Guideposts to such standards are readily found in applicable laws, and in a reasonable person's intrinsic "common sense" ethics guidepost which reads: "do the right thing." This Code serves as confirmation of our Policy, and each Tissa employee or representative is under a positive duty to adhere to the standards and spirit of the Code.

Ethical Conduct
In performing duties for or on Tissa's behalf, employees shall communicate and deal with others with honesty, integrity and professional courtesy.

Professional Ethics
Tissa's professional engineers shall be mindful of and comply with the relevant professional Code of Ethics that governs the practice of engineering in the Canadian, U.S. or other jurisdiction in which Tissa operates.

Observance of Laws
Tissa and its employees shall comply with all the lawful requirements at the location in which they are operating. In foreign locations, Tissa representatives are to maintain a level of professional conduct and business ethics no less stringent than would be expected in Canada, and shall at all times abide by the principles and requirements set out in Canadian law.

All data, business information, ideas, concepts, drawings and other information, in any recorded form or media, made known or available to an employee through or by reason of his or her employment is to be kept strictly confidential, and not used, disclosed or copied except as required in the course of the employee's duties to the Company. Tissa, as a professional consultant, deals with information that is private and highly confidential, and frequently of significant business value, to our clients or to others involved in a client project. Staff shall familiarize themselves and adhere to all requirements of confidentiality that have been agreed to between Tissa and the client and such other parties. Unless specifically authorized, or unless required for Tissa's mandate on a job, employees are not to discuss with, or disclose to anyone not employed by Tissa:
1.  any information concerning the client facilities or business; or
2.  Tissa's technical or contracting arrangements; or
3.  any details relating to Tissa projects, products and/or services for our clients. Discussions with other Tissa staff regarding such matters shall be on a "need-to-know" basis only.
Conflict of Interest
No employee shall follow a duty or interest of a private nature that may conflict, directly or indirectly, with that employee's duties to Tissa. Where such a situation may exist, the employee shall disclose the situation to his or her supervisor in order that the matter may be addressed in a proper manner. Examples of situations where a conflict of inter est may arise are:
•  misuse, or disclosure to others, of Tissa or Tissa’s client’s confidential information, or unauthorized copying or removal of such information from Tissa’s premises;
•  failing to report, or privately taking advantage of, a business opportunity falling within the Company's business sphere, and which comes to the employee's attention in the course of his/her duties with Tissa;
•  employment by a supplier, client or competitor of the Company;
•  conduct that is in breach of Canada's Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act.
Fraudulent Conduct Prohibited
Our Code prohibits any form of fraudulent activity or intent, including deliberate falsification of company records and business documents or wrongful actions or schemes whereby Tissa or its clients, consultants or others wrongfully suffer loss or increased costs.

General Guidelines
This Code may be supplemented by other business practice guidelines issued from time to time by Tissa and where appropriate, for particular projects or client requirements. In the event that clarification or assistance is required by a Tissa employee regarding any matter addressed in this Code, the employee may review such matter with senior Tissa manag ement, or Tissa legal counsel.